WON88 is all about the exploration of the Fantasy of Reality. I started this platform as an outlet to express my earthy experience through poetry, art and storytelling. 

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The Art

Every image I draw is a snapshot of an indigenous message. They are photographic imprints that I see in my mind and draw. 


All images are symbols are different things.


  • Some are images of maps.

  • Some are present and future technology.

  • Some are what their signals look like.

  • Some are transportation devices.

  • Some are writings of different languages.

Pick the image that resonates with you and catches your eyes and draws you in.

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The Story

'LENNA BIA and Her Race to Iris Country'

Lenna Bia is a story that I'm writing and posting to Instagram.


Leanne Bia - Race to Iris Country.

Leanne Bia is that girl...

That girl who always faded into the background. That girl who listened to society. That girl who only accepted what she was given. She walked through life more dead than alive without even realising. To her, this was life.

Until, one night when a stranger in her own home would awakened her in bed and forever change her path.

This is Leanne's story full of everything that she never knew to be, becoming reality.

Read Lenna Bia's and Her Race to Iris Country on my Instagram page and start from the first post. The story continues on each post, which is numbered. 




The Poetry

My poetry page on Instagram is where I started my journey of WON88. My poems are reflections and observations are what I perceive my human experience on earth.


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